The Team

We are a team of experienced and dedicated TAU faculty members who teach foreign languages at all levels, as well as international graduate students who have tutored in diverse global settings.


Barbara Lewitzke

Spanish and English

Barbara is both a Spanish and English tutor with nearly ten years of teaching experience. She has a BA in Spanish and French Language and Literature from the University of Hawaii, a BA in Arabic and Islamic studies from the Universidad de Sevilla, and an MA in Conflict Resolution from TAU. She has worked with students from all ages and levels, from beginner to advanced, as well as with students preparing for official exams such as Cambridge, IELTS, Trinity, and TOEFL. Barbara was born and grew up in the United States. As a young adult she moved to Spain where she lived in the southern city of Sevilla for 8 years. Currently she has been living in Tel Aviv for the past year.


Verena Shifferman


Born in Mainz, Verena studied Political Sciences, German Studies and Gender Studies at Freiburg University in the south of Germany. After finishing her Master's degree, she lived for three years in Vienna before moving to Tel Aviv in 2013. She has been teaching German as a foreign language for more than 11 years -since 2014 in the Division of Languages at Tel Aviv University. Verena also heads the DAAD Information Centre (German Academic Exchange Service), which gives counseling to students and researchers from both Israel and Germany.


Dr. Marina Niznik


Dr. Marina Niznik is currently teaching Russian in the Division of Languages at Tel Aviv University. She is the coordinator of the Russian language program and is involved in several projects which explore the acculturation of Russian immigrants in Israel.  She is an author and co-author of several textbooks of Russian as a foreign and a heritage language. She graduated in 1986 from the Faculty of Philology of the Moscow State University, and received her doctoral degree in 1999. The title of her dissertation is “Teaching Russian to Hebrew speakers”. In 2001 she completed her post-doctorate research “Acculturation of Russian adolescents in Israel” at Bar Ilan University (Advisor, Professor B. Spolsky).


Meggie Kaplan

French, Turkish, and English

Meggie Kaplan is a multilingual fluent in English, French, Turkish, and Hebrew. She has a combined experience of 20 years in teaching languages at different Israeli universities and translating material related to the geopolitics of the Middle East for the US government. Meggie holds a BA in Psychology and an MA in expressive art therapies. She has a vast array of interests including music, plastic and fiber arts, antiques, education and more.  


Ilan Rubin


Ilan Rubin received his B.A. in Arabic and Hebrew Language from Tel Aviv University, and his M.A. in Arabic from Bar Ilan University. He began teaching Arabic at Tel Aviv University in 1993 at the Middle Eastern History Department, and in 2015 at Middle Eastern Studies (MAMES) program. For five years he worked as a supervisor of Arabic teaching in the Ministry of Education.

Fede Jano

Spanish and English

Federico (Fede) Jano holds an MA TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) from the International Program at Tel Aviv University and a BA in Social Communication from the Catholic University of Uruguay. He also teaches at the Technion where he works with undergraduate students of Engineering. Fede also works with special needs students at the Technion. He is a Spanish native speaker and speaks English fluently. In the past, Fede performed as a medical clown alongside the “Dream Doctors Project” - a medical clowning organization that works throughout Israel.