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The Team

We are a team of experienced and dedicated TAU faculty members who teach foreign languages at all levels, as well as international graduate students who have tutored in diverse global settings.

Rebecca Levie

Rebecca CLE.jpg


Rebecca Levie is the Director of CLE - Center for Language Excellence - at Tel Aviv University.  She teaches English at all levels in the Division of Languages at Tel-Aviv University.

Originally from New Jersey, USA, Rebecca holds a BA and MA in English Literature from Bar-Ilan University, and a PGCE in Education from the Institute of Education, University of London.  She has been teaching EAP at different institutions in Israel since 2011.  Over the years, she has developed curricula for students in Computer Science, Government, and Communications studies.  As a lecturer in English, she is passionate about equipping Israeli and international students with the English language skills necessary for academic and professional success in a global community.


Monica Broido

Monica Broido is the Head of the Writing Programs at Tel Aviv University and assists with special projects and workshops in CLE. She teaches PhD academic writing courses in several faculties, as well as Spanish.  She is co-chair of the Israel Forum for Academic Writing (IFAW) at the Mofet Institute.

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